Error installing the Ruby DevKit

Error while installing Ruby Devkit

The output should display the path your Ruby install (e.g. - C:\Ruby23-x64). On 64-bit Windows, you may receive the error message “Invalid configuration. Please fix ‘config.yml’“ when running the review command.

It seems the problem is that that the 64bit version of Ruby 2.0.0 creates a registry entry in a location that the Devkit initilisation script (dk.rb) is not aware of (‘Software\Wow6432Node\RubyInstaller\MRI’).

Until the Devkit installer is updated, you can get the installation to work by opening %DevKitExtractionDir%\dk.rb in a text editor and changing the REG_KEYS array to include the 64-bit registry path, so it looks like this:


From Dr.Seuss on StackOverflow

Then run both the init and review commands again.

Alternatively, open C:\RubyDevKit\config.yml, enter the path of your Ruby install (preceded by a dash character) on its own line (e.g. - C:\Ruby23-x64), save the file, and then run the review command again to confirm the text was entered correctly.